Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Quilling Projects

As I browse more Papercrafting Ideas on Youtube, I found some nice quilled cards.  From there, I searched for books and found a lot with lots of techniques and inspirations.  Indeed, I became inspired to make some projects.

The first project I made is from the book I bought at Innovations.  The title of the book is Designs in Quilling by Malinda Johnston (Book 4).  The book has 10 designs each with photograph, pattern and instructions plus complete basic quilling instructions.  The picture in the cover inspired me to finish the project as quick as I could.

Pennsylvania Dutch Floral

Since I didn't find a bigger frame, I make do of what I had, it's smaller than what it should be so I adjusted mine, not that perfect but I was still satisfied on how it came out.  Not a bad project for a first timer.  What do you think of my Quilled Welcome?

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